Paintless dent removal:

Has your car been hit by someone else's car door in a parking lot,

has it been hit by a golf ball or the kids playing too close to it?

There is a good chance that our trusted dent removal expert can

take care of that at a fraction of the cost of you taking your car to

​the body shop and paying your deductible to the insurance.

Headlight Restoration ​starting at $25

This process restores clarity to the headlights and returns the lens to near

original condition. After the lens is repaired, we apply a heavy duty urethane

coating to the surface to protect it and to preserve the lens from fading again

as well as protecting it from pitting and chipping.

Paint Sealant starting at $175 

​Clear Coat Restoration starting at $40

Removes scratches

Engine Cleaning & Detailing starting at $20

Overspray Paint Removal " Clay Magic"

starting at $30

Removes harmful contaminants before they can compromise

the integrity of your paint.

Fabric Guard Treatment starting at $25

Protection from: - fast food and beverage stains

                              - the sun's UV rays

                              - fading

                              - discoloration

Labor Rate for Specialty Jobs ​$50/hr

Window tinting:

A great way to reduce the temperature inside

your vehicle on a sunny day. It also protects

you and your loved ones from the suns harmful

​UV rays and ads privacy to your vehicle.


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